We offer classes for children and adults ranging from beginners to advanced for all ages. In our karate classes, we teach traditional Goju Ryu style of karate. Our facility features a sprung floor with ample training space for each class. We also offer a variety of workshop and alternative class options you may be interested in. Check out the options below and contact us to discuss how we can help you choose a class that will help you achieve your goals.

Children & Youth Core Karate Program

For children up to 12 years of age with three classes per week available. Make friends, try new things, have fun and begin to discover your super power!  Be a part of it!

Novice (Beginners): Children are introduced fundamental techniques, self defense, kata and controlled sparring. Students also develop physical literacy and fitness through a variety of skills and drills. We adapt our approach and expectations according to a student's physical and emotional age all the while having fun and a sense of accomplishment!
Intermediate & Advanced: As student's progress they begin to learn more advanced skills and techniques. They continue developing their strength, endurance and coordination. Self Confidence and character development are added benefits that become evident as they continue learning.

Kids Intro to Karate

Another way to give martial arts a try, this Novice (Beginners) class will introduce you to beginning concepts of Goju Ryu karate and the skills needed to defend yourself. Have fun, get great exercise in this one class per week option. It runs for 4 weeks every month. For children up to 12 years of age. 


Karate Homeschool

A great alternative to traditional gym classes, this is a daytime martial arts class for students not attending traditional schools. Karate works all muscle groups, providing a fun, practical way to get exercise. The beginning concepts of Goju Ryu karate and the skills needed to defend yourself. This option offers one or two class per week each month, allowing students to progress and develop their skills. For any student attending elementary or secondary levels. 


Adult Core Karate Program

For ages 13+   Karate can be practiced solo, but we are also a community at many levels. We make friends in the dojo at each practice and we have friends around the world because connections made in the practice of our sport. Join us!

Novice (Beginners): Begin your journey in the martial arts! This class introduces the concepts and techniques of Goju Ryu Karate, improving your strength, power and overall fitness level. As we age begin enjoying the added benefits of better sleep, improved mental health, memory and mental acuity.
Intermediate & Advanced: Mature youth and adults continue developing their physical and mental health as they gain greater understanding of technique and their applications. Advanced skills and techniques are developed and improved for blue to black belt levels.

We also offer a variety of  Workshops & Seminars.


Adult Intro to Karate

If you never tried learning karate, or you did and thought it was not for you, this introduction goes over the concepts of Goju Ryu karate, learning and practicing some of the fundamental techniques. The class is held once a week for 4 weeks each month.


An Introduction to Combative Theories

An introduction to methods of self defense and approaches to dealing with aggression.

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Sport Karate

As a member of the provincial sport organization, our students have the opportunity to compete in provincial tournaments and progress to National and International competition.



Group Classes

If you have a group or an organization looking to learn karate, develop your fitness in a stimulating, practical way, or just have a fun group activity, we offer dedicated online classes for groups over 8 people.

Ask us how we can help your group.

Martial Movements

Not a full karate class, but the movements and forms we use in the martial arts are very beneficial for older adults to help maintain memory, strength and fitness. Why not give it a try?

Gentle Exercise

If you have physical challenges and not able to participate in regular fitness routine, try this class where using the principles we use in the martial arts, we will introduce you to some ways to keep yourself moving, strengthen core, legs and arms, as well as keep your muscles limber.

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