Karate is an excellent form of exercise! It is an ideal way of strengthening muscles and bones, increasing energy, improving sleep, reducing risk of chronic disease! It can be practiced solo, but we are also a community, making friends in the dojo and – from around the world.

We teach the Goju Ryu system of Karate, as a foundation for learning methods of attack and defense.  Karate training is integrated with theories of combat and other martial art techniques, including judo and weapons. As your knowledge of Goju Ryu Karate increases you will develop confidence and find your power. Our mission has always been to provide authentic, effective practice, grounded in respect for techniques and principles established in Japan years ago.


Children: 4-6 years
Classes are designed with your little one’s capabilities in mind. Fun & active – your child begins the basics of skills and movements used in Goju Ryu Karate. 2 classes / week

Youth: 7-12 years
Students gain confidence, develop their physical and social abilities, as they learn the art of karate. Using fun skills and drills in addition to traditional structure, the foundations are established. Sport karate is introduced as students gain knowledge and experience. 2 classes / week | Saturday applied practice class when ready

Adults (18+ ) & Teens: 13 – 17 years:
Get fit, healthy, and energized! Make friends, learn practical applications of self-defense as you develop your knowledge of Goju Ryu Karate. Skill level expands with different katas, types of sparring and how to apply in self defense. 2 classes / week | Saturday applied practice class

Special Needs/Para Sport
We have developed a training program for students with mild to medium developmental or physical challenges. We work with Adults in Motion (AIM), are affiliated Para Provincial, National, and International bodies through Karate Ontario, making Para Sport competition an attainable goal. 1 class / week

Recreational or High Performance – for those who love to compete. You can train and enjoy a regional tournament- just for the fun of it. As you improve and develop you may find you love it so much you want to train for Regional, National and International competitions.


Children (4-6): $85.00 *
Youth (7-12):  $95.00*
Teens (13-17):  $105.00*
Adults: $125.00*

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8 Class Pass $135.00*
Use within 3 months * + hst