Ad·vance      /ədˈvans/
verb: move forward in a purposeful way.
  “the troops advanced on the capital”
Similar: proceed; move along, make or cause to make progress.
      “our knowledge is advancing all the time”
Similar: promote; forward; help; aid; assist;

Martial Arts

We provide authentic, world class instruction, directly connected to our roots in Japan.
Each student is cared for in an environment of inclusiveness, cultural understanding and personal wellness.

Goju Ryu Karate

As a member of ACT, you become part of our worldwide family of Seiwakai – We think this is pretty awesome, and invite you to be a part of it.

New Programs

Whether you’re here to find wellness and peace, or nourish your creative spirit, we have a variety of options.

Open House!

Saturday, Aug 31st

Core Karate Class
10:30 am- 12 pm
Anniversary BBQ Lunch
12 pm- 1:30 pm
Seisan Technical Seminar
2-5 pm (senior belts & instructors)


We are the Honbu (Headquarters) dojo of Shuseikan Canada, a part of Seiwa Kai International.