Who we are

We are a martial arts school that teaches the Goju Ryu system of Karate, as a foundation for learning methods of attack and defense.  We integrate our karate training with theories of combat and other martial art techniques, including judo and weapons. Our mission has always been to provide authentic, effective practice, grounded in respect for techniques and principles established in Japan years ago.

Our dojo was founded by Michael Beardwood and Lucy Gerritsen Beardwood as a place of exploration and development in the martial arts. In 1999 we began as Kumanomori Martial Arts. We updated in 2020 as Advance Combative Theories, to reflect our philosophy of always moving forward, continually improving ourselves and the dojo.

Martial Arts Credentials

Shihan Beardwood holds the rank 7th Dan from Seiwakai International and 6th JKF Goju Kai, our affiliate organizations in Japan.
He developed a love and passion for karate through his time with the military, and incorporates his experience with combative theories into his teaching of Goju Ryu kata, sparring, and self-defense classes.

Sensei Lucy holds 4th Dan Seiwakai rank in karate and Shodan in Judo. She integrates her love and experience in judo to her karate teaching and practice, helping students make connections and understanding of how to apply techniques.

We are directly connected to Japan as the Honbu (Headquarters) dojo of Shuseikan Canada and part of the larger Seiwa Kai International. We also maintain memberships with provincial, national and international organizations to ensure our students and instructors have access and opportunity to grade and progress in rank as high as will and determination take them. Our mission has always been to help students achieve their goals in a positive, safe and inclusive environment.