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Waterfall Sanchin Training:

Waterfall Sanchin Training:

It was awesome! Event by Advance Combative Theories and Shuseikan CanadaSaturday, August 13, 2022 Morning Star Mill 2714 Decew Rd., St. Catherines, ON 10am – 12 pm It took some hard work and a bit of a hike to get to the falls, but it was worth it. Members of Advance Combative Theories (ACT) from…

Advance Combative Theories

Advance Combative Theories

Ad·vance      /ədˈvans/ verb move forward in a purposeful way.         “the troops advanced on the capital” Similar: proceed; move along make or cause to make progress.         “our knowledge is advancing all the time” Similar: promote; forward; help; aid; assist; noun a forward movement. “the rebels’ advance on Madrid was well underway” Similar: progress; headway;…

Upcoming Events

With Shihan Beardwood in L.A. the weekend of November 17 – 21st, classes will be taught as follows:

Thursday & Saturday:
Sensei Paul Barrington.

Monday: Sensei Lucy Beardwood

Past Events

Training in Myrtle Park was enjoyed over the summer.